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We understand the importance of professional service and best price!

EMC Moving provides lowest price and highest quality professional moving service specifically for Bay Area customers.

EMC Moving understands that San Francisco city living expenses can be high. For this reason, our movers strive to price our local and long distance moving fees as cheap as possible. We guarantee the lowest price in the Bay Area! Repeat business is our aim and we know that commercial business and office movers competition is steep among San Francisco movers. In an effort to gain both your respect and your repeat business, we refrain from the common overcharging practices of other San Francisco movers.

We will gladly provide you with a free estimate for all of our moving services. During this estimate consultation, we will work with you to custom tailor your moving services so that they meet your needs while coming in under the price of our competitors.

We strive to stay at the top of list for moving with every move we make. The philosophy we embrace is that we will do everything possible to ensure that the only job our clients have is to enjoy their new space. We will assure you that every aspect of moving on our end will be trouble free. We are preferred by our clients because we have a professional team of full time movers, professional packing services, high quality supplies, and a modern truck fully equipped to take on special requirements.

We're your local and long distance home, condominium, apartment, and office moving company. We understand the stress involved in relocating to a new residence. We would like to make this transition easier for you and we have the experience and professionals to do just that. We think you will find our services to be of utmost quality and professionalism.

We can offer superior service from a dedicated and well trained staff . Our commitment to quality service covers your move from the very first time you speak with us to the time your last item is delivered. We are continually trying to strive to be the best and win our customers' trust.



  • 6/16/2011
    Paul and his team were fantastic! They showed up 10 minutes early, listened to any special instructions I had (I have some glass tables that I wanted them to be extra careful with), and then they got down to business. They all had dollies so nothing was excessively jostled around. Watching Paul’s team work was like watching a professional sports team! They’d hand off work to each other or if there was something heavy or awkward another team mate would step up to help out. Nothing was broken, chipped or dirtied during our local move. And the price was great!

    Sonja M.
    Sunnyvale, CA
  • 4/4/2011
    These guys are worthy of the first review I’ve written on yelp. They gave a call in the morning to confirm the move, showed up exactly on time, were really polite, careful not to scratch the corners, and charged exactly what they quoted. They even moved my old living room furniture down to the lobby for free. Just great, professional, these are your guys, you can stop searching now. (And they are cheaper than most)

    Suzette S.
    San Francisco, CA
  • 9/13/2009
    I had to travel overseas for work the day of my move into a new apartment. Even though I was only moving about seven blocks, I was still wary of trusting my possessions to movers when I wasn’t there to supervise. I got back two weeks later to find my bed laid out perfectly where I wanted it, all of my moving boxes organized to the side, and our living room set up impeccably. EMC Movers were efficient, affordable, professional, and most importantly, good. I recommend them without reservation to anyone moving into the city.

    Eric M.
    San Francisco, CA